• CHURCH: The cracks that appeared in the west wall at the back of the nave. First of all, it appeared necessary to carry out a complete diagnosis of stability to determine the consistency of the work and to evaluate it. After several unsuccessful requests to the Architectes des Monuments de France, we finally received an estimate from Mr Jérôme FRANCOU for this preliminary study, the amount being 22458.00 € , proposal established on 09/04/2021. We are looking for subsidies to carry out this study.


  • CHURCH: Leaks in the roof, we can see puddles in the building when it rains, and there are traces of moisture on the ceiling. Tiles will need to be changed and the roofs cleaned, especially the slate roof where grass is growing.
  • CHAPEL: The rendering along the route de la Transhumance has completely fallen off, the stones are showing and moisture is entering the chapel. An estimate has been drawn up for the whole church and chapel by Entreprise CARBONNET of Saint Trinit, total amount: 4680.00 €.

    An online fundraising campaign has been launched to raise €2,000 for the roof of the church, as this is the most urgent project (click below).


  • We have to protect the big door of the church against the weather, but also the outside beams of the chapel and the wash house. We will do this with a mixture of turpentine, linseed oil and beeswax.
  • Flowering of the wash house and installation of a cabinet for books and tourist documents in conjunction with the town hall.